Santa Clause at Bain. Never mind your CoD

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Santa Clause and your CoD/ woman policy

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One of the things about US entreprise culture I like and embrace is the zero-tolerance policy towards non-discrimination. In avarage, US firms are, compared to Swiss firms, way ahead when it comes to this topic.

Still, I am afraid that these lines are sometimes just created for the sake of a good reputation, for PR matters, or in order of sheer completness.

There you are, an excerpt of your attitude towards „women empowerement“ (in german). It sounds promising, according to the Swiss website of Bain and Company:

„Bei Bain soll jeder sein volles Potenzial ausschöpfen können. Daher fördern wir eine Unternehmenskultur, die Frauen den Weg in strategische Führungspositionen eröffnet. Mit Trainings, unserem internationalen Frauennetzwerk Women@Bain sowie individuellen Arbeitszeitmodellen unterstützen wir Sie aktiv auf allen Stufen der Karriereplanung.“

I do not know if you are even aware of how much the decisions taken in Zurich by your human resort to hire“ Santa Clause“, the man who was dressed up like Santa and was given a lapdance by his assistant, hurts your own policy and attitude communicated, in fact renders it a pure farce!

But since you decided to cooperate and hire Santa Clause, I don’t believe one single word of you being serious about non-discrimination! It is purely hypocrite. Why don’t you delete those lines, because: They are not true! It is a mask!

Whatever was decisive for this decision. How can you choose a person like this for an important role in Zurich? What picture do you want to send out to women by doing so? What message do you wanna send out to women working at Bain Zurich and worldwide?

So, please make sure to taking seriously the case of Santa Clause.

And, since you are absolutely able to: please act now!

Women and all men affected by some kind of sexual abuse or harassment at work: Stay strong, defend yourself and show solidarity!


Yours FrauenpG, Frauen für eine progressive Gesellschaft, Valentina Welser

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